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Escort Trick
Daddy Takes Care Of Her Little Problem (chapter 10)

After that day in the pool, I once again tried to distance myself from Emily. There were just a few problems with that. Problem number one, school was going to be out for the summer and that meant Emily would be home with me all day. Problem number two, her milk seemed to be coming more frequently and more heavily which meant longer and more frequent sessions were going to be needed. And problem number three? Her mom was home during the day as well. I couldn’t imagine life getting any more complicated.

Since Jessica worked nights, she often slept until the early afternoon and if this summer was like all the rest, JJ would leave the house bright and early in the mornings to hang out at the ball park with his friends. That would leave the mornings free for Emily to torment me.

On the first day of summer vacation, Jessica fell into bed with a sigh. “It’ll be nice to have you home this summer. I can actually sleep without worrying about Emily” Jessica commented. “Are you going to be okay handling them both in the mornings?”

If she only knew how I handled Emily… “I’ll be fine” I replied. I turned to look at her, but she had already drifted off to sleep. I got up and wandered down the hallway to Emily’s room, both looking forward to the session and dreading it. Since that day in the pool, I had relaxed my stance on the no-touching rule during our sessions. My little girl would often masturbate me to an orgasm and I continued to use the vibrator to help her get off, but I had not fucked her since then. She continued to tease me in public, but so far it hadn’t gone any further.

I heaved a sigh and prepared for battle as I entered Emily’s bedroom, closing the door behind me. She was already sitting up against her pillows waiting for me with a grin.

“I’m so happy there’s no school today” she giggled. “I can play aaaalllll day”.

“Yep, you can” I agreed, “but remember Momma’s trying to sleep until about 2:00 so you need to keep it down.”

She nodded solemnly, “Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll be quiet”. I had a feeling we weren’t talking about the same thing.

As she lifted her night shirt, I reached up with both hands to gently rub her little nipples. I freely admitted that I had an obsession with my daughter’s little titties. They were firm and perky, with dime sized pink aureoles at the peak. Her nipples used to be tiny little pebbles, but months of lactation and pumping had turned them into hard bullets that pointed right at me, begging for my mouth.

I leaned over to kiss the tip of each breast and reached for the pump. I attached it, turned it on and lay my head on her free breast to watch. My cock hardened as the nipple pumped up and down inside the mechanical tube. I rubbed my cheek against her breast and turned my head slightly to suck her bobbing nipple into my mouth, suckling at her baby teat in time with the pump. My mood was lazy, we had nowhere to rush off to this morning and I wanted to enjoy this time with my daughter.

I felt her hand free my erection from my shorts and begin pumping. She had come a long way since that first time touching me there. She fondled my balls carefully, playing with them and squeezing them just enough. Her grip was firm and her fingers constantly returned to the tip of me to rub gently at the rough spot on the underside of the head. My dick was drooling precum that she gathered up and used as lubricant, occasionally moving her sticky fingers to her mouth to suck my juices off.

When her little breast was empty, I moved the pump to the other side and turned it back on. Now I had access to her insanely enlarged nipple. I gently rubbed the palm of my hand over her little teacup mound, watching the nipple harden once again, getting huge and dimpled with little goose bumps. I stuck my tongue out and rubbed it against her, watching her face as I played with the tip of her. She was watching me just as intently, her hand rubbing my cock softly. I licked her breast from top to bottom, enjoying the lingering taste of breast milk, then sucked the nipple softly into my mouth. I just left it there, laying between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and felt it get harder and harder.

“Daddy, suck it” Emily whispered.

I made a slurping sound, but barely applied any pressure to the distended nub.

“Ungh… harder Daddy”.

I puckered my lips and let the nipple roll between them. Emily was now arching desperately into my mouth, my hard cock forgotten as she rubbed her own pussy. Finally, I applied gentle suction to the tip of her and she moaned quietly in relief, her hips arching into the air. I lifted my head to watch her play with herself and tweaked her nipple between my fingers. My other hand moved down to push two fingers into my baby’s cunt hole. I felt the juices moving through her as she gently orgasmed.

Her other tit was now empty so I shut off the pump and prepared to leave. Emily sat up and stopped me from zipping up.

“Daddy, your milk didn’t come. Can I suck it out?”

“Emily…” I started with a warning tone.

“Please Daddy, you haven’t let me suck you in so long. Please” she wheedled.

What Daddy can ignore the pleas of his perfect little 9 year old daughter?

I nodded and Emily eagerly came to her knees. She licked the tip of my cock, and sucked gently on the head. I leaned back, my weight resting on my hands and watched as my daughter nibbled up the length of me, one hand on my balls, the other wrapped around the base of my cock.

I couldn’t help myself, I began pumping my hips gently, feeling my cock move in and out of her mouth as she suckled me. She put one hand on my stomach to stop me and then returned it to my dick. As she held my erection in her mouth, I realized that she was mimicking my treatment of her nipple. It lay on her tongue, gently touching the roof of her mouth, before she puckered her lips and nuzzled the tip.

“Suck it Emily” I whispered, just as she had. She looked up at me and I almost lost it. She smiled, looked into my eyes and sucked… HARD. I pushed my cock further into her mouth, feeling the back of her throat kiss the tip before pulling back out. She sucked me again and I pushed again. We soon had a rhythm and I knew I was close.

“Emily, Daddy’s gonna cum. Sweetie, keep sucking. Want me to cum in your mouth? Do you want my milk in your belly?” I whispered.

She nodded and that was all it took. My semen flew out the tip of my cock in pulses timed to the swallowing I saw at Emily’s throat. I pumped continuously to match, loving the feel of my juices in her mouth.

When I was done, Emily wiped at her mouth to remove the cum that had dribbled down. She sucked her fingers and lay back against her pillow again.

“Thank you Daddy, that was good.”

Feeling a little abashed, I nodded and tucked myself back into my shorts. “I’m going to the office to do a little work this morning” I told her unnecessarily. “Try to keep it down for your Mom.”

I limped downstairs to the room we had converted to my office and sat heavily in my chair. I had a feeling this was going to be a long summer.

I had been working a couple of hours when I felt a presence at my elbow. I looked over to see Emily standing there with a pout on her cute little face. “I’m bored, can I watch you work?”

Turning my attention back to the computer screen I nodded. “Of course, but this is pretty boring Honey. Why don’t you go swimming or something?”

“I’d rather be with you” she replied. Can I sit on your lap and watch?”

I should’ve realized this was a bad idea, but I was distracted by the project I had been working on. I pushed my chair back and let her climb up to perch on my lap while I contemplated the chart in front of me.

She started a steady stream of questions, what are you doing, what is that, why is that line blue. I answered most only half listening. We had been sitting there for quite some time before I realized that Emily was quiet. She was leaning back against my chest, my arm around her waist and my hand splayed on her stomach. My fingers were absently rubbing her through the material of her cotton sundress.

I realized what had distracted me wasn’t Emily’s silence, but her wiggling. She was rubbing her breasts with one hand and had the other hand up the skirt of her dress. My semi-erection became a full blown hard on in seconds.

I felt Emily shift again as she stood up to lift her dress out of the way and sit back down. Now she was grinding against me lightly, my cock poking at her through my shorts and her panties. I tried to focus on the project on the screen in front of me. Maybe if I let her get herself off, I could ignore the whole situation.

I sat perfectly still and just watched my daughter masturbate. Her hand was busy at her titties, tweaking one nipple and squeezing her tit flesh before moving to the next one. I wondered if it felt better or worse to feel the material of her clothes between her fingers and her skin.

The other hand was pushing her dress further up her legs. When it had gotten thigh high, I realized at some point she had pushed her panties down around her thighs and her pussy was exposed. I felt my cock twitch in response to the sight.

She had planted her feet on the floor between my spread legs and was using the leverage to fuck her body against mine, rubbing her ass against my cock. Her fingers were pushing in and out of her cunt hole, dragging moisture up to her clit and rubbing there before moving back down to pump in and out again.

I had had enough. I grabbed Emily’s shoulders and twisted her upper body just enough to give me better access to her tits. I rubbed her tiny little mounds and wished that her dress had buttons. It was definitely frustrating for me not to be able to touch the objects of my obsession. I leaned over and bit her nipple firmly through the material and Emily groaned. Now both her hands were at her cunt, one fucking inside her hole, the other working her clit feverishly.

I reached up and licked her neck, sucking the soft skin into my mouth. Emily was thrashing her head, her hips still fucking against me. I felt one hand pulling on the zipper to my shorts and before I could stop her, my cock was free, sticking straight up in the air. She turned her back to me and straddled my erection. I looked over her shoulder to see her pushing the skirt up so she could see my cock sticking out between her legs as if it was actually hers, rooted in her pussy. She mashed me against the lips of her cunt and with one hand rubbing the tip of me, moved up and down fucking my cock like a hotdog in a bun.

I grabbed both tiny little tittie mounds in my hands and squeezed hard while she rubbed me closer to an orgasm. I felt something soft against the head of my dick and looked back over her shoulder to see that she had lowered her skirt again. Now it looked like a tent over her cunt, my cock still thrusting through her pussy lips while she moved up and down. I felt the rough cotton material against the underside of my cock as she cupped me, stood up slightly and then sat back down, my dick buried balls deep in her cunt.

I moved my hands to her hips. I needed to control her movements because she seemed to have lost her senses as she lay back against my chest, her pussy spasming around me. I pushed her forward and back, roughly, fucking myself with her body. I moved one hand down to where her pussy would be under the material of her skirt and rubbed us both through the cotton. She leaned forward slightly to move me deeper inside her and pumped her hips several times before laying back again.

I had one hand on a tit, one hand on our genitals both separated from naked flesh by her cotton sundress. Emily was starting to tighten, her orgasm approaching. I felt my balls pull up signaling I was close as well when I heard something that struck fear in my heart. Jessica was coming down stairs, calling Emily’s name.

“Emily, where are you?”

FUCK. She would be in here in seconds and I was blowing my cum right this moment into Emily’s tight little pussy. I grunted as I pushed my chair as far forward as I could, making sure Emily’s skirt was in place.

Jessica walked in the door. “Emily, are you bothering your father?”

I sat there, feeling my cock still pulsing cum, still buried in the twat of my daughter, her pussy walls still jerking and juicing all around me, while my wife chastised Emily for bothering me.

“She’s fine” I tried to sound normal. “A little heavy on the lap, but otherwise she’s okay.”

Jessica threw a suspicious look at Emily. “Why don’t you let your father work in peace? Come on, let’s go lay by the pool for a bit” She chided, her hand held out for Emily to take.

SHIT, now what. There was no way Emily could stand up. Her dress would keep her covered, but my hard dick would be sticking straight up and still pulsing semen. I was pretty sure my wife would NOT be amused.

“Momma, can I just finish what we were doing first. Then I’ll come”. Emily whined.

Jessica sighed. “Fine, you have five minutes then I’m coming back to get you. And Jason, you spoil that girl.” she threw over her shoulder as she marched out of the office.

Oh my God. My cock was still hard as a rock. I had been cumming inside my little girl while my wife watched, unbeknownst to her. I had almost been caught, and all I could think of was that I wanted to fuck her again. I grabbed her hips, leaned forward and bounced Emily on my dick, once, twice a third time and then I blew my balls empty into her cunt. I looked down and noticed the juices pooling on the hardwood floor under my desk. Thank God Jessica hadn’t noticed that.

“Daddy,” Emily whispered, “Rub me please”. I realized I wasn’t the only one that wanted to go again. I pushed my hand under her skirt, found her bare clitty and rubbed vigorously, knowing I had only moments to finish her. Emily groaned softly and I felt more juices gush out of her pussy and onto the floor as she came.

“Emily!” I heard from the other room. “Time’s up.”

“I’m coming!” Emily shouted as she jumped up. My cock made an obscene sucking noise as it pulled out and flopped between my legs. Emily reached down, gave it a quick kiss, patted it and ran from the room.

That day seemed to have awakened something in Emily. I don’t know if it was a daughter’s natural rivalry with her mother or if Emily’s sex drive was just amped by the thought of getting caught, but she seemed to crave sex when her mother was around.

The next day, I sat in my office half working and half watching my girls by the pool. Both Jessica and Emily had gone out earlier and had been cleaning, swimming, and generally hanging out. My office window overlooks the pool area and the sight of the two of them was quite distracting. Jessica in her discreet one piece suit, her big breasts half-heartedly supported, and Emily in her bright frilly little girl bikini, her tiny tits barely moving as she ran around the pool busily.

Finally, Jessica lay down to sunbathe and Emily lay down on the chaise next to her. I went back to work, thinking the show was over. Sometime later, I felt Emily’s hand on my arm.

“Daddy, Momma’s sleeping by the pool. Can we play now?”

I immediately moved my keyboard out of the way and lifted her onto my desk. I pulled her little bikini bottoms down and planted my face in her cunt. I licked her voraciously, loving her sweet smell mixed with the chlorine from the pool. I pushed my finger into her pussy hole while I sucked on her little clit. Emily had moved down her top and was tweaking her nipples, urging little drops of milk to the tip. I had emptied them earlier, so they shouldn’t be leaking, but apparently Emily was just turned on enough.

I moved another finger into her pussy and moved up to her little titties. I licked the nipple, gathering the little white bead with my tongue and then sucked her entire breast into my mouth. After eating at her tit for a few minutes, I moved to the other one and began the process again.

I stood up, removing my erection from my shorts, and began rubbing her nipple with the tip. Emily supported both little titties and began pushing them together, trying to sandwich my dick between them. I fucked through the shallow valley she provided and at the top of the stroke, Emily stuck her tongue out to lick the tip of my drooling cock. My tool jerked in response and a blob of precum spurted out onto her chest.

I looked out the window and saw Jessica turn over on her chaise and my heart pounded. I knew she couldn’t see in the office , the sun was providing enough of a glare and she was far enough away that even though the screen was open, the room would appear dark. But the idea that my wife was right outside that window made me crazy.

I moved my cock from between Emily’s breasts and dragged it down her belly, leaving a slimy trail as I went. Once I reached her pussy, I rubbed her clit with my dick and then shoved myself as deep as I could go inside my daughter.

She grunted with the force of the thrust and I saw the monitor on my desk jiggle wildly. I pulled out slowly and then again, pushed back in HARD. I held myself in my daughter’s cunt and felt my dick pushing against her cervix. While we stood (or sat) there poised, my daughter reached up for my shoulders and pulled my upper body towards her. I watched her lick her lips and then suck one of my nipples into her mouth, nursing on me like a baby. Holding my upper body still so she could continue her ministrations, I pumped my hips, moving my cock back and forth inside my daughter’s tight wet sheath.

When she switched to my other nipple, I reached for both of hers and began tweaking them in time with her suckling, still fucking her cunt to match. Finally, she pulled away and leaned back on her hands. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth open in ecstasy. I grabbed her hips and begin pounding into her faster and faster. I loved watching her little titties quiver at the force of our fucking, her nipples big and hard. I looked back at the pool to make sure my wife was still there and then I grabbed Emily’s legs, moving them up higher and tighter around my waist. I tilted her hips and then grabbed her butt, lifting her off the desk and against me. I stood there, my cock and hands supporting her weight. I pushed one finger into her ass and then began bouncing her up and down, dangling her against my body. I felt her pussy tighten and begin juicing my cock as I blew my sperm into her.

My legs couldn’t support us any longer and I collapsed back into my chair, still fucking helplessly into her. Emily looked out by the pool, then unwrapped herself from me. I stiffened again as I watched her wiggle back into her bikini and then head for the door.

“Thanks Daddy” she called as she bounced out of the room. Seconds later I watched her approach Jessica’s chaise. My wife sat up and began gathering her things as she got ready to come in and clean up for work.

“Where did you disappear to Em?” Jessica asked.

“The bathroom” she lied easily.

Jessica reached over and swiped at Emily’s chest. “What’s that on your chest?”

SHIT. I realized that glob of precum was still glistening on Emily’s skin.

Emily shrugged. “I dunno, lotion maybe.”

“Emily Ann, are you getting into my stuff again?” Jessica scolded.

“Maybe just a little” she replied.

“Well don’t make a mess and leave some for me” she said as they headed for the house.

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